Ayana Elizabeth Consulting LLC

I am an independent consultant on strategy, policy, and communications for environmental conservation. Consulting is the latest manifestation of my perennial mission: create, implement, and amplify the best ideas in conservation, so we can use the ocean without using it up.

Over the last 15 years, I have worked with federal agencies, academia, foundations, and non-profits. These positions and collaborations enabled me to see environmental issues from a diversity of angles, understand the roles various entities can and should play, and advocate for and achieve conservation gains.

I build bridges among science, policy, and people. I take a broad, practical, multidisciplinary view of conservation, incorporating ecology, economics, sociology, law, marketing, and policy.

Areas of particular expertise:Headshot - Ayana E. Johnson

  • stakeholder/community engagement
  • roadmaps for policy change
  • ocean zoning/marine spatial planning
  • marine protected areas
  • fisheries management
  • environmental justice
  • grantmaking strategies
  • the Caribbean region
  • business plan development
  • ideating and strategic support

To these and other topics, I bring an unusually broad skill set, as well as an innovative, solution-focused approach rooted in a nuanced understanding of the conservation landscape. I have cultivated a large network of influential colleagues across philanthropy, science, NGOs, multilaterals, policymakers, entrepreneurs, governments, and the press. My favorite work applies my expertise to addressing pressing environmental challenges through a community-based approach.

Clients include: Wildlife Conservation Society, Xprize, Walton Family Foundation, Greenpeace, Oceanic, SeaTime Inc., and United Nation’s We Are the Oceans initiative.


Contact me at ayanaelizabeth@gmail.com for availability and rates.