Ocean Collectiv 

In 2017, I founded Ocean Collectiv, a strategy consulting firm for ocean conservation solutions that center social justice. This work is the latest manifestation of my perennial mission: create, implement, and amplify the best ideas in conservation, so we can use the ocean without using it up.

For 15 years, I have worked with federal agencies, academia, foundations, and non-profits. These positions and collaborations enabled me to see environmental issues from a diversity of angles, understand the roles various entities can and should play, and advocate for and achieve conservation gains.

When I was the executive director of the Waitt Institute, I saw the scale of what is possible when a diverse group of experts come together with communities, governments, and businesses to create and implement solutions. This inspired me to build a consulting firm that could pull together the dream team for any ocean conservation challenge. Thus, the Ocean Collective.

For more on my consulting work see www.oceancollectiv.co, and contact info@oceancollectiv.co for availability and rates.




Some clients signed under Ayana Elizabeth Consulting LLC, prior to formation of Ocean Collectiv.